Strategic Directions 2015 - 2019

  1. Enhance the Presence of Aisling Discoveries
  • Engage in leadership, collaboration and partnership to create a seamless children’s service system
  • Identify and promote areas of uniqueness and differentiation that the Centre contributes to the children’s service system 
  • Reinforce and raise profile through promotion and public education
  • Increase accessibility for diverse communities


  1. Strengthen the Capacity for Service Excellence
  • Enhance multi-service offerings through a continuum of prevention, early intervention and treatment services
  • Build on areas of clinical expertise through evidence-informed practice
  • Maximize positive outcomes for client service
  • Develop and implement strategies for family engagement


  1. Increase Funding Sustainability
  • Examine all potential sources of revenue
  • Develop and implement funding sustainability strategies 
  • Leverage the relationship with the Foundation


  1. Promote Organizational Health and Resiliency
  • Support a culture of inclusion in service and employment
  • Attract and retain high quality staff
  • Focus on succession planning
  • Manage the growing operational requirements for accountability and reporting